Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gentle Rain, effervescent colours in the garden today.

Thought I'd cheat and show you a lovely June photo to inspire you to grab those picnic days.
Actually I am rather proud of myself as I have managed to get into my website and find out a url and paste it somewhere suitable and upload it for you to share!  Sometimes gardeners need to leave the age of the dinosaur although I am sorry as it takes a while to load in the website.
And then I tried to do another one and failed - what is it about computers.  Back to root cuttings!  Brainwave, send you to look yourselves!   Website under construction so please chip in if you do not understand anything.  I'm trimming my verbosity - yes it hurts.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring arrangement outside holiday cottages - pretty pleased!

At this time of year, Upper Newton is singing - it is definitely a Spring and Autumn garden. Really delighted with these beds outside the holiday cottages.

Also in the main garden the quality of the White Triumphator tulips popped in the circular bed to replace a huge Mahonia Japonica "Charity" are great - underplanted with a white rosebay willow herb - I will regret this!

Japanese guests on a garden design day!

Afternoon inspection of the garden reveals that the pink fir potatoes are up - just in time for predicted frost tonight, the lilies are unfurling in the parterre, agastache seeds sown two years ago have finally deigned to grow - obviously two cold winters have helped their dormancy. The angelica is looking wonderful, the cercis is just beginning to unfurl (too late once again for me to transplant this) and the lavendar "Hidcote" has finally discovered an area in the garden where it is content. All appears well - however the garden planted by a Japanese guest fairs less well.

A month after the tsunami I finally had contact with our last Japanese friend/guest. They are all safe but obviously so traumatised. It seems ironic that the "bright' bed she helped to plant back in August 2010 is looking a little stressed too. The hemerocallis are looking decidedly sulky, of the rudbeckia there are no signs and goodness knows if the moles have finished off the galtonia's. The cistus have an eery snapping sound when investigated and the heuchera's obviously didn't have their feet established well enough - ah well - new gardening opportunities. I'd like to make a link at the end of this Box Ball bed to the labyrinth - which yes, I am still thinking about planting with cosmos and in the mean time continue to clear and rake the parts that are meant to be crawled in readiness for inspiration. Photo of labyrinth to follow - any suggestions welcome - bearing in mind the proximity of the wellontonia, the dryness as a result of bordering farm buildings and the industry of moles this year.

Very chilly today so spending a necessary hour in the greenhouse with the dahlias and taking a few photos to help jog the maintenance diary for next year.

Apple Bough Cottage, new look

Finally, Apple Bough Cottage new look - love the teal. Cleared the clutter, toned down the stable stalls with lovely taupe paint. Now moving towards re-designing the herb garden after the ravages of the winter. The rosemary and sage plants, the curry plants and the rue all succumbed and as yet no sign of the woad. Shame as I am into felt-making big time and enjoying dyeing fabrics - watch this space for garden courses, could offer detoxes and fitness if we have active garden courses - now there is an idea!!